Folowr gives users the power to manage their social content of interest, follow content providers and their favourite bloggers and earn money while viewing adverts and promos, all in one single App!


    Content providers can take their content directly to users of the App through the frequent updates delivery feature of Folowr. You can still maintain and publish on your own website, you will still be able to connect to your fans. If you do not have a website don't fret, Folowr will still cater to your needs of reaching out to your fans!


    Folowr provides you a real-time ads solution with a very short turn around time for approvals. With the push delivery feature, Folowr guaratees efficient delivery of your ads to millions of users of the App and increased conversion and click rates. You have a variety of ads delivery like click-to-call, click-to-sms and click-to-web. Folowr analytics offers you the means to track and manage your ad clicks, impressions conversions and spend.


    For those not in either of the publishers or advertizers categories, Folowr offers you the opportunity to connect with the millions of users of the App using this messaging feature


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